Our Team

Trish Fiandeiro:

Trish Fiandeiro and her familyA registered nurse and midwife, with experience in Paediatric nursing, as well as a Master’s in Counselling Psychology. Married to a wonderful man, and an extremely proud mum of two treasures, aged 7 and 4.

I have found pregnancy and these early years of mothering both unbelievably challenging and utterly fulfilling in almost equal measures, and I am happy to share with you from both my professional and personal experiences.

My passion lies in preparing mums for all possible eventualities in pregnancy, childbirth, and the early days of an infants life, through understanding at least some (hopefully most!) of what to expect, and what to do as you proceed through the various stages. I am also passionate about helping mums to find their “mommy-groove” once their precious bundles emerge to change the world in which they live! I love working with mothers at any stage of their mothering journey, and I am at my happiest when I am supporting mums through the various challenges that come their way.

Guest Speakers and partners:

We are incredibly privileged to have some amazing speakers at our antenatal class, and with whom we partner. All of these professionals are passionate about motherhood, breastfeeding and support, and provide excellent services in our local community. If you have any needs that we may not be able to meet, please get in touch because we will gladly put you in touch with someone who can help you.


We are doing something new here at MommyHeart at the moment, but if there are any queries to get in touch on 081 528 6577 or