Postnatal Services

Postnatal Consultations

In conjunction with other professionals in the area, various postnatal services are available, either at home or in consulting rooms, depending on your personal needs. These consultations may be health check-ups, or aimed at answering any questions, assessing for problems, or providing one-on-one emotional support for new mothers. Please get in touch to find out more information.

Breastfeeding Counselling

This can be offered in hospital (if allowed by the hospital concerned), or during the first few weeks when breastfeeding is being established. We can help connect you to some excellent professionals, who can help you to latch your baby correctly, or assist with winding problems.

Breastfeeding Support Group

At MommyHeart we are very privileged to have an amazing relationship with Pam Willment from Bump to Bundle. She is a certified Doula, and a  La Leche League Leader, and is passionate about breastfeeding. These groups are very well established and are a wonderful opportunity for breastfeeding mums to connect. We are very honoured to be involved in this with Pam, and occasionally we enjoy hosting a meeting in our offices.

Postnatal Depression Support

Postnatal Depression affects many new mothers, and can be a very frightening and isolating experience. The sense of being alone in the struggle only adds to this feeling. We believe that an important part of the journey through Postnatal Depression is good support, both emotionally and socially.

For more information please get in touch with us.


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