How We Work

MommyHeart offers a variety of services including: antenatal classes, one-on-one antenatal visits, breastfeeding counselling, and one-on-one postnatal support. We also offer home visits, which can be tailored to whatever your current needs are.

For those enrolled in the MommyHeart antenatal course, we offer free in-hospital breastfeeding consultation (depending on the hospital) before you go home, to help with any hassles you may be experiencing, or any questions you may have. We also offer to our MommyHeart mums a post-natal home visit if you are having any difficulties, around 7-10 days after your baby is born.

Should you wish to be seen at home, we do not charge for travel within 40km. If the distance is greater than 40km we charge R2/km.


We are doing something new here at MommyHeart at the moment, but if there are any queries to get in touch on 081 528 6577 or